In 5 Ways to Streamline Finances, we briefly mentioned that money on autopilot is not a good idea. Today, we share 7 signs your money is on autopilot and how to take control.

You invest a ton of effort and energy into what you do to earn a living, right? You know how important money is. After all, money provides you both life-sustaining essentials, like food and shelter, and freedom to make choices. But do you give as much thought to managing your money? Spoiler alert: Few people do.

Is Your Money on Autopilot?

1. You have plenty of money, but you don’t have the time or the energy to do what it takes to manage it well. That includes making money work for you, by growing and increasing in value.

2. You can’t take advantage of the savings in refinancing your mortgage because you don’t know where the paperwork is.

3. You’ve rescheduled a tax preparation meeting several times because you don’t have your supporting documents in order.

4. You avoid meeting with a financial advisor because you know you should invest and save more, but you can’t figure out where your money actually goes.

5. You are depending on autopay, debit or drafts to ensure bills get paid, and you tell yourself someday you’ll create a plan for the future, but someday never comes.

6. You’ve said, this year will be different, so you buy a receipt scanner, but it’s still in the box.

7. You forgot, again, to pay your estimated quarterly taxes.

How to Take Control

With advances in modern banking, it’s easy to place your money on autopilot. We rarely even see our money since gone are the days we had to make a trip to the bank to cash a check, or to deposit money into our account, or get some cash for our wallet.

While we love these time-saving conveniences, if we’re honest, that time saved doesn’t get spent on managing our money more consistently or effectively.

Bad news, good news. The bad news is, millions of people set their money on autopilot. The good news is, you can take your money off autopilot. A daily money manager will help you take back control and realign your intentions with results.

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