Free yourself from daily financial tasks

We have fine-tuned our approach over the years to identify the steps that lead to success. As a result, our clients maintain complete confidence in our ability to handle their daily financial responsibilities.

Step 1 – Identify your needs

We’ll connect in person (if you’re in Atlanta) or over the web (if you are in another city) to discuss the pain points you are experiencing with respect to managing your finances on a daily basis. There is absolutely no work you need to do prior to this meeting; just be prepared to answer questions about the way you are currently paying bills, tracking your spending, and maintaining your financial records.

Step 2 – Recommend and review your action plan

After we speak, the team at Organized Instincts will prepare an action plan to address your needs. The plan will include our recommendation for services, a list of the items we need from you to get started, and a timeline detailing immediate next steps and corresponding dates.

We’ll review the proposed plan with you and adjust it as necessary.

Step 3 – Set up your systems and get organized

This is where the rubber meets the road. Once you provide us with access to your accounts, we will roll up our sleeves and review everything top to bottom. We’ll organize your financial assets so you can review them in one place. We’ll assess your cash flow. We’ll establish or improve your paper filing system. And of course, we’ll call your attention to anything that looks strange.

This phase will likely be the one that requires the most time from you. But you’ll feel the weight lifting from your shoulders once things are set up.

Step 4 – Handle your daily financial responsibilities

Now that your systems are all in place, we’ll take care of ongoing tasks like paying your bills and maintaining your financial records. Each week we’ll send you a report that summarizes recent activities and shows you exactly where your finances stand.

At this point in the process, we can take the reins on many of your daily financial tasks, but our most successful clients maintain a dialogue with us rather than pursuing a totally hands-off approach.