We are always looking to connect our clients with the best CPAs, investment advisors, legal professionals and mortgage brokers across the country.

Organized Instincts feels strongly that clients receive the best results when they work with specialists. That’s why we leave tax preparation to accountants and estate planning to lawyers.

Accordingly, we want to help your clients with their daily money management needs so you can focus on providing the legal, investment, tax and real estate advice you know best.

We are always looking to connect our clients with the best CPAs, investment advisors, private banking professionals, mortgage brokers, and legal professionals across the country. Let’s discuss how we can both best meet our clients’ needs by focusing on our areas of expertise and referring clients to one another when their requests fall outside of our specialty areas.

CPAs and Accountants

We’ll obtain and sift through your clients’ receipts so you can focus on preparing their tax returns


We’ll generate Quicken reports that summarize deductions, rental property or vacation home costs, and one-time events such as a home sale or a 401K rollover our client may forget to tell you about


We’ll answer your questions about transactions and tax documents when the client is unavailable or is uncertain of the answer


We’ll forward any notices or correspondence received from a taxing authority so you can take action

Financial Advisors and Planners

We’ll organize statements and financial reports so you can focus on preparing for portfolio reviews and providing investment advice


We’ll provide client spending reports so you have all the actuals when you discuss cash flow needs and projections with the client during financial reviews

Private Bankers and Mortgage Brokers

We’ll make sure the client is prepared to pay infrequent but large bills like quarterly taxes or school tuition


We’ll provide all the documents required for lending and refinancing


We’ll pay the client’s bills on time so their credit score improves and they can refinance their mortgage

Estate and Family Law Attorneys

We’ll create financial summaries so you can prepare wills and trusts


We’ll provide historical spending reports to help you predict cash flow needs during estate planning


We’ll gather existing trust documents, Powers of Attorney documents, child custody agreements, and divorce decrees so you can review and update as client needs evolve


We’ll supply vital records during end-of-life stages or after a death to help a surviving spouse or family member

If you provide professional services to busy families, traveling professionals, or semi-retired couples with complex financial lives, contact us today to discuss a mutual referral partnership.