January is an excellent month to begin preparation and planning for all your home maintenance projects throughout the year. Why? Though January is a few months away from warmer days, getting started on a home maintenance budget now is key. Don’t be caught off guard by the cost of any of your projects.

Planning them well in advance puts you one step ahead of anyone else vying to hire professional services this year. Requesting estimates, negotiating contracts, and booking appointments now ensures you’re on the calendar rather than figuring it out once the warmer months of spring roll around and many in your area are also booking their services.

Prepare in Advance

First, sit down and prepare a list of maintenance needs or upgrades you desire for your home and determine a cost per project. Identifying your needs vs. wants will help protect you from costly replacement costs hitting your wallet. Completing routine maintenance protects the both appearance and comfort of your home.

Before hiring a new service provider for your home, consider the most important aspects of your buying decision—price, quality of work, availability, reputation, or exclusivity. Ask for referrals from your associates, neighbors, or even your daily money manager if you’re looking to add or switch providers. Then select and hire your service providers now as they’ll be booking out months in advance.

Consider the impact of task sequencing so that you don’t end up damaging other recently completed projects. Examples might include painting the house first so you don’t notice damage to the pool cabana and furniture with overspray. Pressure wash walkways and drive before installing landscaping the yard to protect your delicate hydrangeas.

If you’re not interested in managing contractors and repair professionals then consider hiring a professional home concierge service, such as joliresidential.com based in Atlanta, GA. Concierge ensures the headache of planning, scheduling and completing home maintenance is taken off your plate. You don’t even need to be on the property for your projects to get done! If hiring someone to take care of your routine home maintenance appeals to you, a home concierge service could be just the ticket.

Home Maintenance Considerations

While making your checklist for home maintenance, here are tasks to consider. Avoid assumptions on cost and the lead time for scheduling. Some projects, such as a roof replacement or pool refurbishment, can be quite expensive and lengthy projects. Be prepared. Most top tier providers have limited capacity, so plan accordingly.

Interior Projects:

  • Have dry vents cleaned to reduce fire risk and decrease drying time of your next load
  • Install new plumbing fixtures for water efficiency and avoiding leaks. Install a leak detection system—you might be eligible for an insurance premium discount
  • Hire a chimney sweep to ensure the integrity and safety of your chimneys
  • Send out draperies and down comforters for professional cleaning and storage
  • Swap out batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, then test out systems for readiness

Exterior Projects:

  • Hire a pressure washer to keep your drive and walkways up to code. Don’t forget about the subsequent water bilIs
  • Contract painting services to give your home a fresh look
  • Hire a tree service or landscaper to beautify your abode
  • Inspect irrigation systems and replace components for spring
  • Schedule window cleaning for a bright and clear spring
  • Place order for delivery of wood for the fire pit
  • Review condition of pool or patio furniture and identify necessary repairs or items for replacement
  • Request evaluation of your current roof’s condition
  • Hire a handyman/contractor for smaller repairs or upgrades

Book Your Professionals Today

Don’t put off planning for your home projects. When you prepare yourself with plenty of time both your spouse and wallet will thank you. You’ll be able to relax on the beach or on the golf course while your neighbors are tearing their hair out.

At Organized Instincts, our daily money managers will set and monitor the cost of all your beloved homes’ maintenance projects. Schedule a chat today to learn how our financial pros help you protect your investment, and cultivate a richer life.

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