October is Cyber Security Month, and protecting your identity online is of utmost importance. If you don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help you. For the month of October, we’ll post tips to educate you and offer specific steps you can take to protect your finances from cyber thieves and clever scammers. Cyber security is more than keeping your identity from being stolen, although that is a big part of it. We also want to caution against phone scammers and email scammers as well. But first, a little about Cyber Security Month itself.

What is Cyber Security Month?

Cyber Security Month began in 2004 when the National Cyber Security Alliance came together with the Department of Homeland Security in order to make online transactions more safe and secure for all Americans. With the Internet becoming more and more prominent, the need for security was clear, thus the entire month of October was chosen to raise awareness and educate those who use the Internet for their purchases or finances.

Information Regarding Cyber Security Month

Cisa.gov is an excellent website to learn more about how to protect yourself throughout Cyber Security Month. Each year has a theme and this year’s theme is “Do Your Part” with the hashtag #BeCyberSmart.


We have found several resources on Cisa.gov that will help you to further prepare yourself for your financial dealings online.

MFA Tip Sheet
Online Privacy Tip Sheet
Creating Passwords Tip Sheet
Identity Theft and Internet Scams Tip Sheet

What to Expect from Organized Instincts Throughout October

Through the weeks to come, we’ll be posting our own tips and advice on how to protect yourself and be self-aware while moving about online. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Week 1: Cyber Security Overview
We’ll build your awareness of where cyber risks lurk and provide resources to lower your risk

Week 2: Fight Fraud: Warnings for Digital Payments
Read our guidance and best practices for using digital payment tools and apps.

Week 3: Data Privacy, Staying Safe Online, and Information Protection
Discussion of personal financial ideas which bring your financial habits and routines into this digital age safely.

Week 4: Mobile Device Safety
Don’t let your more valuable financial data become a victim of fraud via your mobile devices and bad habits. Check this out to improve your mobile financial hygiene.

The Bottom Line

In our fast-paced world of doing business and finances online, we can’t be too careful when it comes to knowing how to protect ourselves properly. There’s a whole world out there that would love to take advantage of anyone who doesn’t know these basic security measures. It’s time to learn how to better protect your finances online.

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