According to a national study conducted by the American Journal of Medicine, approximately 62% of all bankruptcies are caused by a large influx of medical bills. No one foresees being diagnosed or having to contend with illnesses that require extended medical care, such as chronic or terminal diseases. Yet these issues can weigh you down with a mountain of bills no one saw coming. Without a medical billing advocate on your side, you could slide into bankruptcy yourself.

What is a Medical Billing Advocacy?

Medical billing advocacy services include reviewing provider bills for errors, submitting out-of-network claims to insurance carriers, appealing insurance claim denials, or negotiating settlements.

Advocacy work adds tremendous value when you routinely receive care from an out-of-network provider that does not file claims on patients’ behalf. An advocate eliminates the anxiety-inducing effort to understand voluminous benefit documents (EOB) and analyze provider statements.

Professionals and agencies providing these services are referred to as Medical Billing Advocates, also known as MBAs. These experts are invaluable when you receive overwhelming medical bills that suddenly render sweaty palms and hyperventilation. If you think you might need one, you probably do.

Who needs a Medical Billing Advocate?

Who needs a medical billing advocate? Consumers who effectively manage their daily financial needs, with one exception—tackling medical billing statements, explanations of benefits, and claims settlements.

For patients managing a chronic condition or diagnosed with a terminal illness, MBAs are key for handling the tremendous volume of medical bills, especially when you are participating in clinical trials or alternative treatments.

You’ll also embrace an MBA if your senior loved ones’ cognitive abilities are declining or their physical abilities, including vision loss or handwriting impairments, make understanding paperwork challenging.

If your illness prevents you from dealing with your bills and you have no loved ones willing to help, MBAs are vital for sorting through the pile of “past dues” and making sense of it all.

MBAs are Handy in Unique Situations

MBAs are also helpful if you find yourself at an out-of-network provider, decide to continue physical therapy, dentistry, or attend therapy in another state, or didn’t file the appropriate insurance paperwork to have your treatment properly billed. Many medical billing snafus are due to services not being coded or billed correctly, and your MBA will spot them and fix them on your behalf. MBAs can save you both money and hassle headaches—which is more valuable to you.

If you or a loved one are in over your heads and drowning in medical bills, you have options. Hiring a medical billing advocate is the next step to conquering the mountain of medical bills, which gives you peace of mind and allows your body to heal.

At Organized Instincts, our daily money managers help identify situations when adding an MBA is the solution to scaling your mountain of medical bills. Schedule a call today and discuss how we collaborate with your medical billing advocate.

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