Why are your utility bills so high? Has someone cranked up the heater again? Maybe yes, maybe no. You might need to take stock of your equipment as well as keep an eye on the habits of your family and household staff to determine why your bills are through the roof. Here are some things to keep in mind to keep your costs under control.

Modernize to Maximize

Check all your thermostat settings. Ensure they are set to proper temperatures based on the needs of your residence as well as according to what is safe (such as water heater temperatures). If your thermostats are old and outdated, update them to current models and make sure all residents and staff are properly trained on how to use them. Our apologies go out to Bailey the Labradoodle and Timmy the tabby cat, that might result in a few degrees difference once your family heads out to work or school.

By installing smart thermostats, which automatically adjust your heating and A/C as needed, you’ll save on energy bills. Electric bills will also be positively impacted by the installation of LED bulbs and home automation systems which turn your lights on and off. Energy load vampires, like a mobile device charging cable without an attached device, drains the average American household’s wallet nearly $200/year.

Plumbing and Insulation

Along with checking the temperature of your water heater as mentioned above, be sure to check the water heater itself. Is it a modern, energy efficient model? If not, it could be driving up costs even if your water temperature is set correctly. You’ll also want to be mindful of your toilets and fix any that may be leaking, or better yet, update them with more water-efficient models which use a minimal amount of water upon flushing. Older, leaking toilets could easily add $100 or more to your monthly water bill.

When thinking about heating and cooling costs, properly insulating your attic might not be your first idea, but investing in and installing durable attic insulation will absolutely save money on these costs. Consider attic insulation a long-term investment in the overall efficiency of your home.

We Can Help

Sometimes you might not know where to start, what to do, or what to even look for when it comes to taming your monthly utility costs. That’s where your daily money manager comes in. There are several ways in which a DMM can help rein in utility expenses.

Your daily money manager can contact your local electric company and local providers to conduct a home energy audit. These audits help identify areas for improvement, including determining if that bar ice machine or spare garage refrigerator is running up your monthly bill. Power providers like the Georgia Power Refrigerator Recycling+ program pays you to get rid of them.

DMM’s can also set you up for levelized billing if it makes sense for your household and monthly budget. We can sign you up for fixed-rate plans that lock in pricing on variable rate services, such as natural gas, propane, or heating oil. Our services also include shopping the market for a good rate for natural gas or reasonable propane delivery plans.

Is your water or sewer bill high? Did you notice the amount due is increasing for each of the last six months? Your DMM can help you investigate what may have caused the change and determine next steps if you suspect a leak. Once your plumber has checked for leaks and your water pressure levels, we help you file a damage claim with your local water provider. We monitor your future bills to ensure your bills return to proper levels.

At Organized Instincts, our seasoned team of daily money managers help keep your utility costs down with our keen eye for trends. Schedule a consultation today and we’ll help keep an eye on your utility costs before they burn a hole in your wallet.