Junk mail doesn’t only come in your inbox; it comes in your mailbox too. Your mailbox can become overstuffed with unwanted junk, from political solicitations to charitable donation requests and from catalogs to local store coupons. There are ways to cut back on this annoying clutter. Here are some options to avoid the junk-mail-to-recycle-bin dance.

Catalog Choice

Our first recommendation would be Catalog Choice. This website allows for putting an end to the abundant supply of unwanted catalogs. Let’s face it; you buy one thing from a merchant, whether online or via phone, now you’ve been added to their mailing list. What’s worse, their affiliated companies also add you to their mailing lists. Do this enough times, and you’ll have a towering mountain of catalogs on your hands. Catalog Choice not only puts your name on a “do-not-mail” list, but they also tell you how and where you might be able to opt-out of catalogs on various company websites. This step is your first line of defense against the dreaded catalog overload.

USPS for Deceased Loved Ones

If a loved one passes away, the USPS won’t automatically know. Your loved one will continue to get mail. Thankfully, there is a website you can visit to inform the USPS of your loved one’s passing. You can either have their mail forwarded to yourself or another family member or end their mail altogether.


DMAChoice.org, the Direct Marketing Association, also offers opt-out options for junk mail. Register yourself or a loved one to stop the lion’s share of the junk flow. If your loved one is deceased, you can visit their website and enter their name on the Deceased Person List. This site is an excellent resource as they share the information with all DMA members. Those members are required to remove these names as requested. According to their website, it could take upwards of three months to see significant results of lessened junk mail, so be warned—be patient.

Opt-Out of the Yellow Pages

Who uses the Yellow Pages in 2022? Printing of the Yellow Page books continues, but I’m assuming you don’t want free fireplace kindling; you’ll prefer to opt-out. You can do so by visiting their website and registering yourself to be placed on their opt-out list. Save yourself the headache and a few trees while you’re at it.

You’ll have to take the initiative in opting out of junk mail in various ways; however, the time you invest in opting out of these annoying mailers will pay back the dividend of a stress-free mail pile every day. In less than 10 minutes on a single afternoon, you’ll give both your mailbox—and your recycle bin—a much-needed rest.

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