Based on true events. Details have been changed or combined to protect privacy.

For years, Charlotte had been stuck in a period of uncertainty about her financial decisions. Her life had undergone a massive upheaval and she had not yet taken initiative to get her financial house in order. Decision making had never been her forté, especially with regards to her investments, and her finances lagged because of it. Yet Charlotte needed the downtime to figure out her situation and understand her options before she could think about making financial plans on her own.

The day finally came when Charlotte was ready to emerge from her proverbial cocoon and take charge of her life. Things were going to be different from now on and she needed to be strong to make necessary financial changes. She made an appointment with her daily money manager and laid it all out in the open. They put their heads together and it wasn’t long before confidence and certainty began to take shape.

For the first time, Charlotte had a financial advocate in her corner. She and her DMM took the time to sit down and discuss her options as well as areas in her life where her financial decisions could make the biggest impact. She felt safe, she felt heard, and more importantly, she knew she could trust her DMM to be with her every step of the way.

But it wasn’t merely about making good decisions. Charlotte’s DMM truly cared about her as a person, and empathized with her new life path. She devised ways to navigate Charlotte’s new normal and reassured her that with her DMM’s assistance, she would be able to get everything in order. By the end of the meeting, Charlotte not only felt seen, but she walked away with a newfound trust. At the end of the day, what Charlotte truly needed was someone who believed in her.

Daily money managers know our clients’ self-worth is not in the size of their portfolio, but as people who want to make the best use of their resources and be well-informed on their money-managing decisions. The way we handle our money is very private and personal, and we understand inviting a DMM into that world means handing over a certain amount of trust.

Charlotte’s DMM was not only her financial advocate, but someone who genuinely cared about making the best and smartest financial decisions in her new phase of life. With her DMM, Charlotte found compassion, accountability, support, and a renewed excitement for what lies ahead. She left her meeting empowered to take hold of the reins herself and not be afraid to make big, impactful decisions.

At Organized Instincts, our daily money managers help you take initiative and regain your financial confidence. Schedule a call today and discuss how we listen to your concerns and identify a path forward.

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