Based on actual events. Details have been changed or combined to protect privacy.

Clyde is a serial inventor and visionary who has leveraged his decades-long experience and multiple degrees into a profitable and expansive career. Clyde spends his days researching and teaching at the University, then spends his nights and weekends tooling away at his passion projects. Never one to sit still or let a good idea go to waste, Clyde’s life and passions led him to create several small business ventures, each requiring tax returns.

Clyde is so busy preparing his students for their careers, completing cutting-edge industry research, or preparing for his next paid speaker gig that he has no time or concern for tracking expenses—personal or business. He frequently travels on long-haul flights for both the University and his business pursuits and prefers an ultralight wallet that has space for only one credit card. Even with the expansive knowledge Clyde has inside his brain, when tax time rolls around, he suddenly retains few key details or is no longer able to read those years-old receipts needed to prepare his tax returns.

Cue the scary music and corresponding music of approaching doom.

Overwhelmed by the prospect of untangling a web of confusion and co-mingled purchases, Clyde eventually fell behind on filing multiple years of tax returns. It didn’t take long before Clyde came under duress from the University for tardy expense reports while being threatened by his business advisors for financial statements. It was time to get another expert on the case.

Hiring a daily money manager changed Clyde’s whirlwind life from a scary thriller movie into an action-packed, underdog-wins, feel-good story worth the price of a movie ticket and a jumbo popcorn tub.

Utilizing the tools of the trade, a software suite, and her favorite ScanSnap scanner, Clyde’s DMM got to work scanning receipts, reviewing his lengthy credit card statement, and even examining his paper date book scribbled with destinations. As she slowly unraveled the web of information and illegible scribbles, the big picture began to take shape. Clyde sees how his actions and avoidance were eating into his passion project’s profitability.

With great fanfare, Clyde’s DMM saved the day by successfully untangling his complicated finances, allowing him to present reports for each venture business and file all his outstanding tax returns. Thus, the disorganized academic became a well-ordered professor with the support and knowledge of his trusted DMM.

At Organized Instincts, our seasoned team of daily money managers will work to untangle your complex web of financial habits, tools, and records. Schedule a conversation today and learn how our team can save the day like your favorite action-adventure movie hero.