Tax season is the perfect reason to hire a daily money manager. While Organized Instincts DMMs do not prepare income tax returns, we gather clients’ tax paperwork for your CPA to prepare. There are several advantages to doing so, of which the chief advantage is to stop your tax headache before it even begins. With a DMM in your corner, tax preparation will be a breeze, not a tornado.

A DMM Unearths Your Docs from All Corners of the World

Your DMM conducts a survey of your personal situation and identifies the likely forms, reports, and supporting records needed to file your tax return(s) ultimately. During our inaugural year working with you, we often join forces with your existing CPA with the goal of gaining perspective on prior filings and any challenges.

When the greater hurdle is collecting an extensive list of items or inputs from many outside sources, we request copies of donor acknowledgment letters from charitable organizations, tax forms, investment advisory statements, and private equity investments. Outreach for partnership statements and annual reports are common assignments your DMM completes.

Your DMM generates financial reports from your activity, from itemized reports of medical expenses to a listing of estimated tax payments and/or refunds. DMMs also help unearth tax deductions buried in the details of your financial activities. These include charitable contributions or things like the rural hospital tax credit. Say goodbye to a yellow highlighter and late-night sessions attempting to mark up bank or credit card statements and identify tax-related items from many months ago.

If you have not switched to a paperless system, we offer digital conversion services for ease of tax preparation by your CPA. Imagine no longer shipping thick stacks, folders, or packages of reports to your CPA’s office or praying that your irreplaceable items do not get lost in transit. We can help get you on board with the paperless frontier.

Our DMMs also support taxpayers with additional requirements like multiple single-member LLCs (disregarded entities) or individuals acting as trustees for family trusts.

A DMM Lightens the Load on Your CPA

Our DMMs understand the work involved for a CPA to prepare for your taxes. Our role throughout the year is laying the groundwork to ensure their job is as smooth as possible, which means we get your paperwork and files ready for your CPA to pore over, and upload your digital records to your CPA’s records portal.

Once your CPA begins reviewing files and the return preparation work commences, your DMM becomes a first responder to many of your CPA’s questions. This helps free our clients’ from answering inquiries and keeps the ball rolling with your tax preparation. With our fingers on your financial pulse, your DMM can unravel and answer many questions that your CPA poses. We speak their language and know their jargon, and we know what it is and why they need it.

There’s No Greater Ally Than Your DMM

When tax time rolls around, why succumb to that existential feeling of dread? Hire a DMM instead—and wipe that cold sweat from your brow! There’s no greater ally to have in your corner—one that gives you relief in knowing it will be done swiftly, accurately, and professionally. If collecting your tax paperwork has become an overwhelming task, it’s time to give yourself an advocate between you and your CPA striving to make sure all your i’s are dotted and all your t’s are crossed.

Then sit back and breathe a sigh of relief.

At Organized Instincts, our daily money managers help gather and digitize your important tax documents for your CPA. Schedule a call today and discuss how we can be your advocate between you and your CPA this tax season.

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