When it comes to healthcare, do you know what various doctors and specialists are available to you? If so, what role do they fill in your life? Do you know what signs to look for that suggest you might need one of these pros? Here is a list of some professionals and specialists we recommend adding to your team.

Consider a Concierge Doctor

When you’re feeling under the weather or have an issue to discuss, it takes a few days for your primary doctor to return a simple phone call. They routinely suggest a visit to an urgent care facility rather than seeing your doctor directly. With concierge programs such as the MD VIP program, you can expedite access to your primary care physician. With concierge programs you’re more likely to access same-day appointments, faster response times from clinical staff, in-depth annual physicals, and often after-hours access to your physician. With a concierge service plan, you’ll avoid the wait time and get an appointment quickly.

If you’d like to get a second opinion, services exist such as PRIMO HealthPartners that will meet with you via a telehealth appointment and listen to your concerns. If you or a loved one are facing a difficult diagnosis or want to discuss various care needs, getting a second opinion might just be what the doctor ordered.

Go with a Geriatric Care Manager

When conversations with older parents turn into daily arguments about their independence and personal safety it’s time to consider hiring a geriatric care manager. These managers are considered a “professional relative,” meaning, they take care of older patients as you would if you had the time, knowledge, and resources to do so. They make home visits as needed, make evaluations on in-home care, and make suggestions that are in the best interest of the patient.

These professionals can help improve family cohesion as a neutral third party (with experience) is involved. To find a life care manager in your local area, visit the Aging Life Care Association.

Mull Over a Medical Billing Advocate

Are you or a loved one pursuing care that’s expensive, experimental, or for a chronic condition? With a medical billing advocate, you’ll be assisted with pre-authorizations, denied claims, and complex billing support. Yet how do you find one? According to Experian.com, some hospitals provide them, as well as your health care company, your employer, perhaps a nonprofit organization, or your state’s own assistance program. The key when selecting a medical billing advocate is to find one who has your best interests in mind and not the interests of the provider or network.

An Appointment With the Audiologist

How many times have you asked your colleague to repeat something over lunch? How many times has your spouse asked you to turn down the TV? Audiologists are not just for your grandparents any more. On average, people wait about fifteen years before buying their first pair of hearing aids. Believe it or not, hearing begins to decline in your 30’s or 40’s rather than your 60’s or 70’s.

Socialization with hearing loss is challenging for anyone. Isolation due to hearing loss often leads to depression. For younger Americans, workplace performance is impacted and so is quality of life. With new hearing aid technologies, they can sync with your mobile device via Bluetooth, as well as your car audio or even your television.

Seeing an audiologist regularly for an annual adjustment will maximize the performance of your hearing aids.

Trust Your Therapist

We encourage and support our clients to access and routinely visit licensed mental health counselors. Online mental health services have skyrocketed in a post-pandemic world. Classic face-to-face support is still a popular option as well. Licensed therapists can address a range of needs from short term care to more in-depth lengthy treatment plans. Whether you meet via telehealth or in person with your therapist, taking care of your mental health should be first on the agenda.

How We Can Help

As daily money managers, we can help introduce you to these professionals. As experienced professionals ourselves, we often encounter—first hand—how our jobs (a big promotion makes getting an annual physical more difficult) and bodies create new barriers to a fulfilling life.

Each of these support services is an investment. When the need is real, not having one of these professionals in your corner can become detrimental to your health and wallet.

At Organized Instincts, our seasoned team of daily money managers will help you draft key players to your team. Schedule a conversation today and take the time to address any unaddressed issues.